OEM Vs Aftermarket Parts - What's best for your tractor?

Whether you own a tractor for work or for fun, to keep your tractor in prime condition you know it's inevitable at some point you will have to replace some parts. But how do you decide what's best for your tractor - should you choose OEM or aftermarket parts?

What are 'aftermarket' parts?

An 'aftermarket' is the secondary market of the agri parts industry concerned with the manufacturing, distribution and retailing of parts for a tractor that are not sourced from the original manufacturer. OEM parts are made by, and for the manufacturer.  Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that are designed to match the original but are not made by the manufacturer of a tractor.






OEM parts will usually come in one type, which makes it easy to identify your part.


OEM parts are often more expensive than aftermarket parts.


OEM parts are sold via the original manufacturer or selected dealers and will be guaranteed to meet a set standard.


OEM parts are sold through limited suppliers.


OEM parts generally have a warranty.





Aftermarket parts can be considerably cheaper than OEM parts. 


With an unknown brand of aftermarket parts you cannot be confident of the quality. Some aftermarket parts may use lower-quality materials. Choose an aftermarket supplier that is well know and trusted with good reviews from independent sources (e.g. Google, Trustpilot).


The aftermarket parts industry offers a great deal of choice so you can shop around for the best quality and price.


Too much choice can make it difficult to identify the part you want and find a like for like alternative.


Reputable aftermarket parts suppliers will offer a warranty.


Aftermarket parts can not only match the quality of their OEM equivalent, they can often be superior. 

So why buy Anglo Agriparts?


The owner of Anglo Agriparts was the purchasing director at one of the worlds largest agricultural tractor aftermarket companies from the 70’s to 00’s. Now in his 70’s, he has spent his whole life purchasing tractor parts from hundreds of different manufacturers worldwide.


When you buy from Anglo Agriparts, you are not just buying a part, you are buying years of knowledge. Unlike some aftermarket companies, we offer 12 months warranty minimum on our complete range.


Finally, at Anglo Agriparts we supply two major OEM tractor companies. This means, some of the parts in your original tractor are in fact supplied by Anglo. It’s the same part, in a different box. At a fraction of the price, making the choice between OEM and aftermarket parts that much easier.


With Anglo Agriparts you can be assured of the quality and reliability of our aftermarkets parts. Our buyers have years of experience, knowledge and contacts to source top level quality and competitive pricing. Read some of our reviews to help you make a more informed decision and ultimately make the right choice for your tractor and budget.

We are a family run business and take pride in our company and history. If you are looking for a part for your tractor, please take a look at our website or give us a call to discuss further.

OEM vs aftermarket parts


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    • OEM Vs Aftermarket Parts - What's best for your tractor?
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