Tractor Parts - Clutch Troubleshooting

Clutch Troubleshooting

Help identify the common causes of clutch failure with this troubleshooting guide from Anglo Agriparts.

Cover Assembly 

Overstroked diaphragms are common causes of cover assembly malfunction. It's possible to damage the diaphragm fingers by the gearbox input shaft during installation. Clutch adjustment should always be checked and set according to manufacturers specification.

Clutch Plate 

Clutch driven plates can become distorted during installation by 'hanging' of the gearbox on the driveshaft. The risk of distortion can be minimised by the use of an alignment tool and ensuring that the gearbox is installed without hanging on the clutch units.

Release Bearing 

Although it is not possible to fully check the operation of the release bearing when it is removed, it is false economy to re-use the old bearing as this often results in premature clutch failure. Therefore we recommend that it is always replaced. Refitment of the old component can also give excessive bearing noise and abnormal diaphragm finger/release lever wear. The bearing carrier should slide freely on the bearing quill - apply a recommended high temperature grease sparingly.

Clutch Cables 

It is recommended that clutch cables are replaced when clutch components are renewed. Cables often stretch beyond adjust limits resulting in non-clearance. Ensure that the correct cable is fitted and adjusted in accordance with the manufacturers specification.


The flywheel is often ignored during clutch replacement but should always be checked before refitting new clutch components. Uneven facing wear on the flywheel side of the drive plate can indicate severe flywheel wear, usually observed as a badly grooved mating surface. Hot spots and thermal cracks indicate the clutch has been running at high temperatures. Any marking or grooves on the mating surface should be removed or if excessive the flywheel should be replaced. If the flywheel is to be machined, the original overall dimensions must be maintained. The cover assembly mounting flange must be machined down by the same amount as the contact surface of the flywheel. The opportunity should be taken to check the flywheel ring gear.


The spigot bearing can cause severe damage if worn as it may allow the gearbox to 'float'. This can result in excessive noise and misalignment leading to damage of the clutch components. A worn spigot bearing can also cause unbalance resulting in vibration. It is good practice to replace the spigot bearing/bush during clutch replacement.

Engine/Gearbox Oil Seals 

Leaking oils seals are a major cause of clutch failure, allowing contamination of the clutch components. A small amount of contamination will affect the efficient operation of the clutch. Always check for traces of oil and replace any suspect oil seals.

Engine & Gearbox Mountings 

Worn or damaged parts can cause vibration and judder, and are often mistaken for clutch malfunction. Components showing any signs of wear or damage should be replaced.

Engine & Gearbox Mountings 

Worn or damaged parts can cause vibration and judder, and are often mistaken for clutch malfunction. Components showing any signs of wear or damage should be replaced.

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